As an architect, scenographer and singer, I’m very interested in the search for new performance formats. By researching new venues, new concepts and social themes, the quest to break down the barriers between transmission formats allows me to establish new relationships with art, closer to and involving other audiences.

CRIEUR.EUSE : PUBLIC * La Neuveville * 2024

CRIEUR.EUSE : PUBLIC  is a performative sound installation that explores the notion of empathy and community in the city.  Commissioned by the USINESONORE festival, during the day this work invites the public to share snippets of their inner world, be it heartbreak, a shopping list, or existential questions.  In the evening, these fragments are replayed in a communal experience of listening and sharing, as a counterpoint to our frenetic, individualistic society.

This project was awarded by the platform SHUFFLE.CH, a Swiss nomadic concept that creates spaces for discourse, reflection and exchange. Shuffle’s projects contribute to strengthening collective awareness on current issues and to nurturing critical reflection.

With Flurina Zehnder (concept)

© Cyrille Voirol –


OUBLIS * LUZERN * 2023 * Collectif Inter/stices

OUBLIS is a performative Musiktheater that seeks the utopia of a non-rational world, through Alzheimer’s disease. 

What can we learn from a non-rational way of thinking, in a world where more and more people will be affected by neurodegenerative diseases? Is it not also an opportunity, thanks to these diseases, to question our relationship with the world and its explanation? Or simply to learn to see the other person as a snapshot in time, always changing, rather than as the fixed sum of who he or she has been, of all his or her past experiences? 

Through Alzheimer’s disease in particular, the aim of this project is to develop a reflection on existential questions relating to time, the physical and cognitive transformations of human beings, and therefore the question of each person’s identity. 

Through sound, atmospheric, scenic and visual research, OUBLIS seeks to immerse the spectator in a sensory and visual experience that unfolds in the form of a fragmentary dramaturgy.

With Leila Vidal-Sephiha (concept, performance) and Flurina Zehnder (keyboards, concept)

Concept, stage design and performance : Valérian Bitschnau


HIC ET NUNC * Feldkirch (A) * 2022 * Collectif Klang:luft

HIC ET NUNC is a performative concert that questions the relationship between time, the here and now, and the past. Based on the concept of Blätterteig der Zeit theorised by Magnus Enzensberger, this project highlights the anachronistic nature inherent in music, particularly classical music.
How do we perceive today pieces composed centuries ago in these « same places »? How do our 21st-century ears perceive these sounds, and how do pieces from the past transform our relationship with the present?

HIC ET NUNC was awarded second prize in the Hugo Wettbewerb für neue Konzertformate competition.

With Polina Niederhausen (cello) and David Bircher (live electronics)

PROJEKT LETTEN * Zürich * 2022

PROJEKT LETTEN is a performance that interacts with the public space and reveals the sound characteristics of various urban locations. What are the acoustic characteristics of a particular place? How does a passing audience react to improvised scenes, contemporary sounds or well-known plays? 

What is the boundary between reality and theatre, especially in a society where everything is Instagrammable? 

The aim of this project is to experiment with spatial and acoustic qualities at two venues in Zürich, using a palette of sound fragments and light, ephemeral stenographic tools. 

In short, this project is putting theatre back on the map as a popular and open event in the city, open to all.





With :

Rafael Duchosal (Guitare), Eunbee Park (soprano), Cécile Chappuis (Accordéon).

Prisca Grandi (lights)

Annette Uhlen (Regie)













Music theatre based on Franz Schubert’s song cycle Winterreise. 

Schubert’s masterpiece taken at its word: a journey in winter. The audience accompanied the musicians as they wandered from stop to stop – the church, a pub or a workshop – and experienced, or rather: re-experienced, these songs, which tell of wistful longing and sad certainties, in an unfamiliar context.

How to use urban space as free scenography.

Prdouktion Zheater zur Waage, Elgg ZH

Co-produktion Teatro Comico, Sion VS

With Laura Mehmetti (Accordion) and Simon Berger (Production & dramaturgy)